Our traning programs varied range of in-house and open training programs tailored to your company’s needs. We determine the relevance of the dynamics of your industry and the organization’s intended objective is achieved through apt training material and well appreciated structure. It yields swift and measurable & durable outcome(s).

Our scientific approach towards training programs and real-time practice sessions are stitched together as relevant as possible so that each learner can apply his new key take away immediately after training which also showcases our efficiency and success of our workshops. To make as realistic training modules as possible, we use examples, case studies and simulation(s) from your domain specific business environment. We provide in-house training courses that are customized and mapped to the competency framework to your company’s position and addressing the needs which have an assured impact on the training material and attitude, resulting in better and quick capability enhancement. We also offer generic and specialized courses on the basis of training program need identification exercise. This means that courses have a fair range of solutions to the existing skill gaps best befitting the need of your organization.

International and National training program training program

We provide international and national training program in English, Hindi and other local languages in India, and our trainer pool includes subject matter experts in their respective fields with experience worth sharing and mentioning. They create utmost connect and the drive to grow an unstoppable arena of interest among the participants. Basic training materials are available in local languages.

Plan training efforts!

Our main focus is to support the vision of your company’s increased capacity. Indus management has extensive experience in providing a wide range of training courses, workshops from the single training  program to the seminar for all levels of your organization. After completing formal training, we also work hands-on coaches to help participants start with change management activities and other scheduled assignments. Indus management advise that you always consider what you want to achieve with training: Is it the purpose that participants are more knowledgeable or can they implement their new knowledge effectively? A big impact should be employed on planning the training program and results are expected.

Different levels of training Program

The objective of our curriculum is constructed for across the levels of your organization and is optimized based on the target group (individual contributors /people managers) and help attaining the intended objectives.

All training programs are optimized and usually include examples and case studies from the client’s own organization. The programs come in different formats.

We have distribution programs through various major levels of the world.