Executive coaching is a skilled, high-impacting process that helps people who make high-performance leadership improve the results of methods that keep them over time.

It is efficient because, unlike traditional conventional counseling, it does not require analytical procedures, large external teams, and analysis to achieve long reports and results.

This is a high-impact process because executive coaches usually work with clients in small meetings (i.e., 30 minutes per session). During this time, coaches and customers can generate important insights, gain clarity, can focus, and make decisions to improve performance.

Executive coaching works with high-performing people in leadership roles. This is not medicine, which means “fix” someone. As an Executive Coach, your clients are already doing a lot of work, successful people. Like any of us, they need support from time to time to perform better.

In the end, your goal as an Executive Coach is to improve the results in a sustainable way over time. Your customers want some kind of results, usually with better profits, career success, organizational effectiveness, or career and personal satisfaction. If you are not helping your customers get results, then you are not doing your job. Also, coaching is about helping people improve their abilities and effectiveness, so that results and performance improvements. To use time-consuming and famous quotes, you are teaching people for fish, not feeding them for a day.