Business etiquette training organized by Indus Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd. As part of its corporate training, the Business Etiquette Protocol focuses on the need to create a good first and lasting impact in the international business environment.

What is business etiquette training?

Business etiquette training is a program that educates individuals about established patterns of behaviour and courtesy, which are essential in a profession. It is centred on a set of practices that are generally acceptable in the global business environment. With the expansion of the global market, Organizations are increasingly cross-cultural training. This has led to an increase in awareness of professional manners in different cultures, Especially cell phone etiquette, business card etiquette and email etiquette. That’s why major business protocols are the main part of our business etiquette training program after major cultures.

Etiquette training is one of our most sought after programs because MNCs realize that lack of knowledge of global professional etiquette can have disastrous consequences on customer relations. Our manners training is very effective because the trainers have worked in different cultures and have experienced themselves in various professional cultures.

Our Business Ethics Training program focuses on introducing ourselves and making others comfortable in business settings. This program is also a component of personal grooming which is targeted at young professionals who are entering the business environment only.

Professional business etiquette

Indus Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Provides your business manners training program which focuses on the following areas

  1. Advanced Social Skills
  2. Big confidence to talk to people from all walks of life.
  3. Ability to make positive first impressions
  4. Ability to make a lasting impression
  5. Improved overall appearance
  6. Using powerful body language
  7. Using the correct speech and voice tone
  8. Meeting / conference call / chat courtesy
  9. Business Telephone Etiquette
  10. Writing Business Email

Corporate business etiquette 

A large awareness of grooming and etiquette skills will help you to increase your sleep and confidence. This will significantly change your effect in any formal, professional and social conditions.

The Benefits are

  1. Advanced Social Skills
  2. Big confidence to talk to people from all walks of life.
  3. Ability to make positive first impressions
  4. Ability to make a lasting impression
  5. Improved overall appearance

Training Topics

  1. Social Graces, Etiquette and Body Language

Making a Great First Impression

  • How to present yourself to the people
  • How to get acquainted, admire, receive small conversations and networking and receive
  • Develop your professional and personal image
  • Management of different personalities

Greeting and Introductions

  • greeting ingredients
  • shake protocol
  • introduction
  • Introductory scenario
  • Addressing people

Body Language

·         Understanding body language and its vital role in communication

Etiquette of Dressing

  • Doing and dressing in dressing
  • Understand different dress codes for different occasions
  • Cloth and corporate culture
  • Personal props and accessories for men and women

Behaviour outside the workplace

  • office parties
  • customer invitations
  • Entertaining customers
  • in the pub after work

International Business Protocol

  • corporate protocol
  • quote
  • dress code
  • address form
  • greetings
  • social status
  • dining do and don
  • tipping
  • gift giving

Multi-cultural Challenges

  • Multi-cultural etiquette
  • Examples of cultural insensitivity
  • Their influence on cultural differences and business etiquette

E-Mail business etiquette

  • general etiquette
  • Send effective message
  • Forms and vowels of messages
  • Replying to Messages
  • On organizing different parts of the email:
Subject Line
Screen Appearance

INDUS MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS Training Methodology for business etiquette 

  • PowerPoint presentation
  • plays the role
  • Games and group actions

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