Interactive Video

based interactive video content type allowing users to add multiple choice and fill in the blank questions, pop-up text, and other types of interactions to their videos using only a web browser.

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2. Video Based Game

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Image Pairing

based image pairing activity that allows authors to create pairs of images to be matched. Learners are presented with the unpaired images and have to either use drag and drop or click on the images they think match. Since it is not required for both images in a pair to be the same, authors are also able to test the understanding of a relation between two different images.

Image Pairing without Retry

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Image Sequencing

based image sequencing content type that allows authors to add a sequence of their own images (and optional image description) to the game in a particular order. The order of the images will be randomized and players will have to reorder them based on the task description.

1. Planets – Quiz

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3. Body Parts – Quiz

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Drag and Drop

based drag and drop question type allowing creatives to create many forms of drag and drop using only a web browser.

1. Simple Drag and Drop

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2. Simple Matching Game

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Drag the Words

question type allows creatives to create text-based challenges where users are to drag words into blanks in sentences. Excellent for language training among other things.

1. Tip

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2. With Instant Feedback

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Fill In The Blanks

 question type allowing creatives to create fill in blanks, also known as cloze tests,

1. With Image and Auto-Correct

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2. Classical Example

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3. Grammar Test Example

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Create a set of stylish and intuitive flashcards that have images paired with questions and answers.

1. Simple Quiz Example

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2. Language Learning Example

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Branching Scenario

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